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There are 10,000 refugees in the Mae Lah Refugee Camp.
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David and Cathy met Kshakalu in 2002, while working at the Mae Tao Clinic, they took on the support of the then 40 and now over 130 students living in a refugee Camp on the Thai/Burma border. In 2003, Project Umbrella assumed the financial support of these young people. PUB provides the students with a home, food, warmth and security while they pursue their studies. At present, to provide for one child for one year, including teachers and infrastructure, is CAN $480 (excluding capital expenditures).

The two photos show the girls and the boys we have supported for the past 4 years at Kaw Tha Blay Hostel. It is amazing the difference we have seen in these children, watching them grow up with confidence and hope to be leaders for the Karen People.

Top photo A typical day in the life of a refugee at Mae Lah Camp which tries to shelter almost 50,000 people.
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